Personality/ Development

I think that when you are comparing personalities there are alot of things that are important based upon the subject for instance, I believe that as an individual there is a degree where every human person has the aspect of being , personal, private, we all may have certain charecteristics that mayhave a slight indifference but prior to that I think that the basic terminology for this would be, being a distinctive person which would constitute this as part of one’s personality. Which would imply one’s conduct in general, based upon a remark that could be disparagingin anyone’s charecter. 1)As a individual each and everyone has a personality that can be beautiful on the outside, but on the inside we really don’t know what lies within our inner being. 2)All personalities can have a fine point that could be witty, indulgent, excruciating, or cruel depending upon what type of person he/she is. 3)Personalities can effect ones self and outcome, and acourse their nature. 4)Some people let their personalit take them to the extreme next level and let the outcome of their personality take control over them. 5) The bias of having a personality can be indulging, peaceful, and elegant, but mostly genuine.In being perspective you as being who you are our suppose to not let the personality take you to the degree where you are the type of person to be or say I don’t care. Having that in you brings out the real you and your true colors on the outside, sometime the inside can be ugly, but it all depends upon what you make it. We as human beings are suppose to look at things in a different state and frame of mind, but to a certain angle. There are many places and people that are out their to counsel and to help us to better ourselves and to make the most out of life. We got to remember we have one life to live so I say that each new day that is awaken before our eyes we take that step or make that journey to go beyond to the next life, to see what is waiting for us on the other side. Let all that we do be on a positive level at all times and let the good things out weigh the bad you would still make it on top.

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