Moments/ Testimony

A new day begans as well as a new chapter , as I sit on my bed I begin to write about hte situations , and matters that has occurred in my life. Throgh it all my life’s description is an open book that needs to be told surreptiously. There are points and errors in my life that has taken place where I wasn’t sure , I was making the wrong or right decision . As I face my weaknesses , strenghts, and fears- somewhere down that line I always fall and stumble and find my way back to the beginning of that road that had first begun. Each and everyday is a passing array, there are times when I am in someone else’s shoes and I am able to say how blessed I am , to be able to count my blessings and make it through another’s day journey. As the times go by I learned a valuable phrase " the decisions we make in life, dictate the life we lead", As human beings we need to realize and know within ourself that there is one person we can look to and trust and that is God above. In the society we live in today there is no one to look up to or trust because they are out their for self, others don’t think or care about the next person or what effects them as long as they get what benefits them you don’t exist.

Journal Comments