I just wanted to say...

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This is by far the friendliest community I’ve been on for art. I’m on quite a few, too. But really, Everyone on here is too cool.

It’s nice to see an Art Community.. where Age doesnt matter, Page Views dont matter, Skill level and whatever else just dont matter.

Some of the other ones I’m on, u only get a lot of comments if you’re REALLY good.. I’ve been on others where the Admins only talk to those with a high post count. I’ve been on others where people wont talk to you because your either way too young or way too old.

A lot of sites cant hold a decent civilized debate, if it bit them int he pursqueeter.

I’ve been lurking the forums.. I see no snobbyness like I see on others. I just see people willing to chat to anyone no matter what because we all have a common interest. Isnt that what a community like this should be in the first place?

I think this is the one I’m gonna pick to meet new people.. god only knows I dont know much artists…

PS: Sorry if there’s alot of typos. I cut my finger kinda bad the other day and my band aid doesnt make it all that easy to type right now.

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