Things are a LITTLE bit saner.

I did get the HANSON Tickets. Its a small venue. only 900 people or so. I’m General Admission, row 6. Its gonna be acoustic.

The fan club stuff is still in the works. I did meet someone on their official Facebook page thats gonna do some digging though the fan club to find out whats going on out here for me, to determine whether or not I’m gonna renew it this month.

My commission is almost finished. Just 2 Llamas to do and then I’m done. I’m using that money for merchandise & whatnot. Thank god that came when it did, or I’d have no money to spend for the show..

So no my issue is some how getting 50$ on a credit card and paying off the fan club thing. Some fan sites have been giving me the run down on what goes on at the Meet & Greets… so I know what to expect. I haven’t had the chance to use my member card yet since I joined. They weren’t out here till now. Its been 8yrs since the last time.

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