Cannot Protesteth Too Much... Y'know?

I came upon them protesting on April 15th. That’s tax-filing day here in America. You will note that it is as far away on the calendar that politicians can get it from election day on the first Tuesday of November. What an accident, eh?

Anywayzzzz… There were people this year in particular who found it a day to express their engorged discomforts with the size which this country’s government has grown. And some hundreds of them chose to gather in a park which adjoins my home here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Fortunately I had my camera, got out, and mulled through the milling throngs. I’ve posted some of the results, then received a commission to do twin collages. and this was the first of the pictures I’ve gathered.

Since it was the first of the protest images, well I quite cleverly called it Proseteth 1. If you’re interested, Protesteth 2 is posted here – .

There’s a point to all of this… REEEEELY! "See the moderators of America ~ Rural, Wild, & Free liked Protesteth 1 enough to FEATURE IT!!! YEA!!

Something that I shall not protest, lest you conclude that I protesteth too much. Right?

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