In other news

Just been through the sales list from redbubble, apparently had the best month ever last month, a massive total of 11 sales! This month I’m already at 9 sales with the potential to exceed last month. In the grand scheme of things its not making me solvent, but where there’s growth, there’s potential!

In other news, I’m working on turning my sketch doodles into vector work. The most recent design Thugman is an imperfect example of this … expect more to come with improvements to boot!

After a year and a half, my most popular design is The many names of David Ryder weighing in at 26 sales… still boggles me that something as obscure as this could be as popular, but MST3K engenders great fondness and loyalty in their fans, so I shouldn’t be surprised really.

The Great Star Wars Takedown

Well that sucks!…

Just had a DCMA notice for 17 of my star wars based works, and they’ve been taken down for copyright infringement. I won’t be reposting them so those who have bought one of the items now have a limited edition design… thats sounds like a win for them!!

In some ways this doesn’t bother me, I’ve been meaning to prune out some of my earlier work, which was of a lower quality than my more recent designs. Generally the designs were silhouettes with a phrase imbedded in them… I thought this would be sufficient to skirt the copyright issues involved, but apparently not, mainly because they are visually recognisable as star wars silhouettes.

So the question becomes this given that a lot of my more recent designs are REALLY obscure do these infringe copyright too?.

By this I mean

More sales... Woo hoo!

More sticker sales to report!

It seems my MST3K designs have over taken my Star Wars designs in popularity, I’ve sold one each of the many names of david ryder and “kalgon blow me away”:

Thank you so much to my intrepid buyers, your heroism blows me away!!

on another note, someone spotted an inaccuracy in the many names of david ryder… I have updated the design so now stump chunkman reads stump *junk*man

onwards and upwards!

Another t-shirt sale!!

Two t-shirts in a month! i feel like i’m on a roll :D yep sold another MST3K: The many names of David Ryder

I have decided that as all sales appear anonymous I shall name all my buyers, particularly of this t-shirt. I have named the first Punch Rockgroin and the second I have named Gristle McThornbody.

To these two brave heros of t-shirt commerce, I say thank you!

The Obscurity Test

tee hee… I’m a happy geek

the sci fi group featured this tee shirt wot i made in the weekly features, file under the weekly obscurity awards, see here

Gonna have to out do myself now! must.geek.harder!

What, another sale?

Very pleased to find out I’ve sold another sticker… Thanks to the kind person who bought a copy of freegan

I do wish there was some way of thanking them directly… I’ll just have to shout I guess


there, that should do it!

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