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  • Repeated artwork on front and back
  • Constructed from 88% polyester, 12% elastane
  • Elastic waistband and stretchy knit fabric allows you to move. For in-between sizes, choose the larger size
  • Product dimensions refer to the garment measurements, not the measurements of the person
  • Machine washable


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ONE is the number
Designed by TeaseTees
1040 views by 11/11/17 507 views by 4 May 2015 105 views by 12 March 2015 Loaded to RB 10 March 2015 ~ The quotes from NON Duality all seem to resonate with me, whether they are thousands of years old or posted to Facebook today. They all point toward a view of the universe that does not include suffering or NON purposefulness. This is such an idyllic view of life, so to live in an apparent time that gives both easy access to this material and circumstances where anyone can truly practice it seems very special. Photoshop Elements is the program I use to try and enhance the design also into something special. ;-))) This simple quote comes from Dr. Steven Greer of where he's explaining what he's learned from the extra terrestrials he's interacted with through the last 30 + years : ~ *"The number of Minds in the universe is ONE."* ~ Dedicated to those who've, often at risk to their own life's, have tirelessly researched and disclosed all the plethora of people and documents that have been kept secret until recently of UFO and ET interactions with human beings here on earth. ~ *STICKERS R FUN* !,375x360.u1.png! *CARDS R 2* !,441x415,w,ffffff.2u1.jpg! CLICKING on the 1rst TAG *(jlh designs)* takes you to a page of James' most popular art works on the Bubble. ;-)))

Mini Skirt

ONE is the number by TeaseTees


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