Growing puppies!

Well, the sweet little poo machines are now 5 weeks old, very adventurous, and a lot less camera shy – as you can see from the latest load of photos… lol!

I took one of them down to my local vet, plonked her on the scales, and it read 3.4kgs (7.5lbs)… that’s the weight of an average newborn human baby!!!

I swear that their daddy – who is by no means a small dog at 46kgs (101lbs) – was only 4kgs when we got him at 8 weeks old!!! Their mummy was about this size at 10 weeks old… err! I don’t think even our purebred Rottweiller pup litter were this big at this age!

It’s a good thing that these babies are good-looking, and will grow into very attractive adults – because they are going to be huge! Most of them have nice Labrador features in their faces, but are a little blockier in the head like Rotties – I know they are going to be pretty darned divine when they are fully grown – and their temperaments are more like their placid boofheaded daddy too (thank God!)

Well – off to clean up the mess they’ve left me in the shed… (sigh)


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