I've been MIA for a while...

Well… holding down a 9 to 5 job, and a pregnant dog was scary – but when the population exploded to include 9 little bundles of joy on December 6th – things got very hectic around here!

My poor little golden Labrador (Trouble) and my big sook of a Rottie (Connor) got very friendly back in October, and poor Trouble eventually gave birth to 10 large pups (500 grams each at birth!). The 10th one didn’t make it, unfortunately – but we ended up with 4 boys and 5 girls – all jet black! 2 of the boys have tiny white spots on their chest, and that’s the full extent of colour in the lot of them!

Then ALL of the dogs caught Kennel Cough – even the puppies, who were nearly 2 weeks old! Lots of bedding changes and lots of mum’s milk (Trouble had got the cough first and fought it off without drugs) made all of the pups better – but it could have killed them… errr! Just listening to the gurgling of their lungs and their tiny little coughs was very scary!

They are now just over 3 weeks old, and about to start on semi-solids… that should be fun! They bark, growl, and fight with each other – and we have teeth! They will be moving out to the garage in the next few days, as they are starting to be able to get out of the wading pool set up in the lounge room – but only if they see Trouble (and that means the buffet) walk past…

So I apologise for the mass uploads I’m doing right now – I hope you like them though…



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