Idk What This Is But I'm Gonna Use It

Just uploaded most of 1989. I think I’m missing Style and Clean. I have a design for Style, but it (along with many other designs that I have since remade) was damaged. Plus, I don’t have any bonus tracks. I might do a Captain America one for “Star-Spangled Man With a Plan” because I’ve tried it, but my star doesn’t come out very pretty.

I made edits for certain products on certain designs (check out both sides of some of the coffee mugs). Let me know if there’s any modification/space-filling you’d like on a product. Also, if you’re wondering what the mature content is on Bad Blood, it’s an open wound bleeding into a puddle. Made of words.

Shoutout to the person who’s bought stuff, encouraging me to post more. You are a true fan.

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