This morning - Friday 7 November 2008

Once in a while you see something you have never seen before. And you might not have your camera at hand to capture what you are seeing because this sight might only last a moment in time, and probably never be repeated.

Of a morning, my wife and I sit at the dining table enjoying our coffee and taking in the view out our window that we are so lucky to have – north-east across the garden (the beautiful result of the hard work of my wife) to the river, and the bush reserve on the other side of the river.

There must have been a little rain last night.
In the front garden just out our window, there is a tree Peony Rose which is looking pretty good at the moment because it has a number of big white blooms on it. I noticed the bush shaking, then I noticed water spraying up in the air into the early morning sunlight and absolutely sparkling. This movement, as I then discovered, was being caused by a Superb Fairy Wren (female) taking a bath in the water that had pooled in the leaves. It danced around to the front of this bush so we could see it, ducking and fluttering into the leaves and sending a magnificent spray of water into the sunlight.
The display lasted all of ten seconds or so, then it was gone.
The birds are a frequent visitor to our garden, but I had never witnessed that behavior before.
There is a bird bath almost directly below this bush, which is where we normally see them bath.
She obviously enjoyed the sensation of the leaves against her.

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