Just a pretty face

I am entering a couple of photos just to prove that I am just a pretty face.
I studied photography for a couple of three years at Uni but nothing ever came of it.
I enjoy photography but not as much as drawing or painting. If I had lots of money for mass productions then maybe but then again probably not. I like to find accidental subjects and when the light is just right. I have waited on street corners while a cloud went over because I saw a shot while it was sunny but by the time I had the camera out the cloud was in the way. What a waste of a life. I am going to try to do more photography in the future. Especially now there are unlimited frames in my digital camera. I still want to stay pure in that nothing is altered in photo shop except maybe a little colour balancing. Who knows however, once I start on the photoshop maybe I won’t be able to stop.

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