The Doogle's of Peekaboopeck

The Doogle’s of Peekaboopeck
By Tarlee L. Jacobs 12-31-07

In Hundreds of yearsof hundreds of hours

of hundreds of days;
No one would ever suspect,
the glory of life in Peekaboopeck.

Life here is simple and easy and free,
everyone’s happy…

… except for Mr. Mcfee.
Mr. Mcfee lived on top of the heap
that all of the Doogle’s discarded with glee.
All of the trash and unwanted debris
went to the heap where lived Mr. Mcfee.

Unwanted old food, unwanted old clothes,
unwanted old socks with holes in the toes;
Mr. Mcfee didn’t know what to do;
so he sat on his heap and he stewed and he stewed.

“Life’s filled with glee here in Peekaboopeck.

Everyone’s happy and joyful indeed,
everyone that is, except for little old me.”
said sad, gloomy, glumy, Mr. Mcfee.

He stewed and he stewed with nothing else to do.

“By golly I’ll show them what’s what and who’s who.”

He sat on his heap and thought long and hard,
“Now what do I do with the trash in this yard?
I could return it he said but that would be hard;
returning it to, the right Doogle’s yard.”

He sat on his heap and wanted so bad,

to be like the other doogles, joyful and glad.
“I wish I could think of the right thing to do,
I wish there were someone;
just anyone who knew,
how to help me be happy and not filled with gloom.”

Then one day when he thought he’d lost and they’d won,
“I guess there’s no answer, I guess I am done.
My life on this heap is what it will be,
I’m doomed to this trash and misery.
I will never be happy, never have chums,
I am destined to sit here in gloom and in glum.”

He sat very quiet and he sat very still,
till suddenly a knock at the door made him chill.
No one before had climbed up the heap,
no deliveries or mail, never a peep.

It then came again
a small dainty knock,
it came again and again,
it put him in shock.

Mr. Mcfee quickly sprang to his feet,
and looked out the peep hole to see who climbed the heap.

“Excuse me mister” a small doogle peeped,
“I know that you live on the heap that looks bad,
but I saw something in it that I wish I had.
A thrown away bicycle because the tire is bad.
I don’t have much money, but I’m willing to pay,
the only two dollars I have on this day.
I would so much love to buy that bike,
fix up the tire and clean it up right.”

Mr. Mcfee was in quite a shock.

He had never expected someone to knock,
nor had he ever expected someone to ask,
to buy something from this old heap of trash!

“Are you alright mister?” The young doogle asked.
“Hey mister you there?” as he waved his hand past.
Then Mr. Mcfee came out of shock,
from the heap climbing doogle and startling knock.

“You want to pay me…” he said, a bit confused,
“for someone else’s garbage and refuse?”
“Yes sir!" said the boy with a mighty big grin.
“If I fix up this bike everyone wins.”

“I’m not quite sure what you mean little one,
but keep your two dollars, take the bike, and have fun.”
“Thanks mister a bunch but I want you to see,
how everyone wins not just you and me.”

So the young doogle sat with Mr. Mcfee,
and explained the whole plan with joy and with glee.
“You see mister this yard has treasures galore,
I’ll show you new things from old ones before.
Let’s take these socks with the holes in the toes,
some buttons from here and that yarn over there,
now before you, sock puppet Pierre.”

Mr. Mcfee, was excited to see
but he was still worried, skeptical he.
“That’s just a sock and some dumb old string.”
“You need to see more,” the Doogle agreed,
“how about this box, some cloth, and more string,
some crayons and paint, a little magic dust,
next thing you know, a theater sprung up.”

“I think I might be beginning to see,
how most of this trash, can turn to treasures for me.
What about the food and that awful smell,
do you have a neat trick you can give me, do tell.”

“Yes mister, I’ve got it here’s what we’ll do,
build up a compost for all that old food.
Use this wood from here, and the shingles from there,
now no more smell, or sight we can’t bear.”

“Holy Cannolli!!!” said Mr. Mcfee
“I can find a way to live happy and free,
and finally be the doogle I’ve always wanted to be.”
The young doogle that climbed to top of the heap
came back day after day, to help Mr. Mcfee.
They picked through the trash and found treasures galore,
treasures Mr. Mcfee hadn’t noticed before.

The town was in shock, at the changing sight

it got cleaner and tidier night after night.
Each day after that the town came to see
a so much more happy Mr. Mcfee.

When Doogles would come now to dispose of their trash
they simply would knock at the door and ask.
“Where shall I put this and where does this go?
Can you use this, is there someone you know?”
With a smile he would take it and answer with glee,
all of the questions they asked Mr. Mcfee.

The young doogle came back day after day,
if not to help but just stop in and say hey.
The young Doogle who wanted so badly to have
the bike from the heap although the tire was bad.
That young doogle who taught them to reduce and reuse,
to save or trade old things of refuse.

Recycle dear doogles and all of you too.
No one needs a trash heap that smells like old food.
We build a compost to nurture the ground,
we reuse old things and new things are found.
Now all of the doogles can live happy and bright
no longer smell trash in their sleepy nights,
or look at old food from the street with the mall.

All because of one young doogle who started it all.

The Doogle's of Peekaboopeck

Tarlee Jacobs

ALBUQUERQUE, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

The importance of recycling and the magic of friendship come together in this thrilling children’s story of the Doogle’s who learn to respect, reduce, and reuse.

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