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The Dreamwalker Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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The Dreamwalker

Designed by Tara Lemana
!! "Home page featured art!!": I was in one of those dreamy moods I guess..... :) I've found myself coming across the odd stock photo of a model that just inspired an image in my head immediately, something that needed to be created just to get it out of my head. The original photo of this model was one of them, so as has been happening from time to time lately, I relaxed my "no stock" policy and got creative.... This image was created using Elements 2.0, using my own photo of Lake Taupo for the backdrop, my own Apophysis fractals for the moons, standard PSP brushes for the stars and stock by "GothicSelene": for the model. Proudly New Zealand-made. :) *Featured in "All Blends": August 17, 2010.* *Featured in "If It Doesn't Belong": August 18, 2010.* *Featured in "Inspired Art!": August 21, 2010.* *Featured in "Touched By Fire": August 23, 2010.* *Featured in "Around The World": Dec 27, 2011.* *Featured in "Best Of RedBubble": Dec 27, 2011.* *Featured in "We Sell Art": Dec 27, 2011.* *Featured in "A Class Of Its Own": Feb 28, 2012.* *Featured on the RED BUBBLE HOME PAGE, 11 March, 2012.* !,441x415,w,ffffff.v4.jpg! !,375x360,ffffff.jpg!

The Dreamwalker Metal Print

Designed by Tara Lemana