Tara Lemana

Wellington, New Zealand

Tara is a New Zealand artist and musician. Her primary visual medium is photography, sometimes combined with other media into mixed media...


Oh my, I’m so excited, I’ve just had the great honour of being immortalised by TWO of RedBubble’s finest!!!!!!! First, the incomparable Sarah Ina Alexander took the most incredible photos of me and my band mate Justine (I’m a singer/songwriter in my “other” life) – you can see them on Sarah’s FB page at SI Photography – they are unbelievably gorgeous, I still don’t know how she made us look so good! And now, the incredibly talented Barbara Glatzeder was inspired by one of Sarah’s portraits of me to immortalise me in coffee!!!! Check out “Wild Berry”:

These two artists are not just incredibly talented, but they’re wonderful people as well. Please show them some RB love and check out their beautiful work!

Thanks guys & gals!!

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