So today is registration for classes day.
and as a studio major as a freshman second semester we are required to take:
drawing 2, and studio 3D.

well…my focus is printmaking.
and the printmaking professor saw some of my work and wants me in her class, and I LOVE her.

well her class is from 2-4:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

well I PLANNED on signing up for studio 3D on Tuesday/thursdays 11-1:45

anyways…so i had it all worked out last night.
and my registration started at 7:10 AM
and i went striaght to 3D to sign up…and its all fucking booked up and the only class available was 2-4:45 on tuesday thursdays…

the same times and days as printmaking…

what I am pissed about is that..ANY FUCKING ONE can sign up for studio classes…even if you aren’t in the art department..
why did we spend time in highschool making portfolios and shit for the school..if any one can sign up for them!?!?

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