A random update

Hello all! Just wanted to give a general update. I hadn’t been posting here much last month, due to a vacation and then working extra after! Also, I am a real noob at RB journals and I am never sure if I am actually writing things people want to read, so there is that too. :B But the whole time I seemed inactive, I was making patterns! I also went through my pattern collection and realized that there are tons of patterns that I did not upload to redbubble…. So this week and the next, keep an eye out for many updates by me. :)

Last month RedBubble shared my “cat to be kitten me right meow” on instagram and on Facebook, which I meant to post here because it was really exciting. It is so purrrfect that people other than me and my sister enjoy cat puns. See what I did there?

I would also just like to say thank you to my customers. I really hope that you are enjoying your artistic gifts. I will definitely be using redbubble more often now that they have a tiling option on lots of their bigger items. I love making patterns, so this is definitely great news for me! I will be putting all of my designed patterns on Redbubble for now on.

Thanks for buying these designs in June! :)

Did those images show up right? I sure hope so. ;)

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