Custom charge from the post office.

I got a card through the post saying my parcel was waiting at the post office due to a custom charge of £13. I had a dilemma as I was waiting for stuff from redbubble and also a cheap watch from ebay that cost £3 including postage. I decided it was the watch (as no-one on redbubble has mentioned any custom cost), and decided to forget it, as the watch is not that important. But, sadly the watch has arrived which must mean the parcel I owe for is the one from redbubble. I have to pick that up, as I have paid a lot for the tshirts I ordered. I am really annoyed with our UK postal system and not redbubble. I probably won’t order anything other than cards in future though because of this. Has this happened to anyone else, and has anyone got a clue why this £13 has been slapped onto MY parcel???

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