Kristina Truluck

Bradenton, United States

I’m a photographer for the U.S. Army, but I also enjoy taking pictures as a hobby. I love photographing animals, especially...


So, I’m brand new to the whole RedBubble gig. I know in a few years, I’ll probably end up looking back and wonder how I could have thought this site so confusing, haha.

Guess I should use this as a chance to tell you all a little bit about myself…

I’m a Combat Documentation and Production Specialist – the U.S. Army’s fancy title for a combat photographer and videographer/editor. Not gonna lie- video and I aren’t fans of one another. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and FINALLY heading home sometime in the next two months. I have a son who I refer to as the ninjababy on the internet. He likes to work with my runty cat to drive me absolutely nuts. Most of my work can be found on my DeviantArt account.

I’m drawing a blank for what else to put there. I have no problem answering questions if you have any.

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