Ok, i think it fair to say that i am now an official bubblejunkie!
It started out easily enough…once i made my place, i just kinda did it once or twice a day. I never intended it to get to more than twice a day, and even then, i though i could handle it.
Suddenly it just got out of hand. Next thing i knew, i couldn’t seem to get off. Even when i wasn’t there, i was boring some poor soul about it’s wonders, and hanging ’til my next fix. My usual sites got bypassed as i went straight to the souce each morning. Even my first cup of coffee in the morning came second. Whoa, did i ever know i was in trouble then.

It’s ok. I know when it’s getting out of control. I ration my visits now, and make myself shutdown the computer before midnight…most nights. I try not to think about all the beauty and magesty i see when i visit. I try and forget about how inspiring it is, and how friendly you all are. I say to myself,“c’mon, what did u do before the bubble? You had a life, didn’t you?”…i’ll be getting back to myself on that one.

Si, i stand up now, as you are my witnesses and say “hi, my names Tania, and i’m a Bubblaholic. It’s been exactly 3 minutes since my last visit.”
Oooo, gotta go. Someones sent me a bubblemail!!!!!LOL

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