CD goes BERSERK!!!!!!

When i release something new, i figure i can guess that the initial sales will be somewhere between hardly mentionable to OVERWHELMING (this way i can satisfy myself that i have a handle on things…LOL!).

Regardless of your artform, the reality is that you never know how even your fans will respond. Are they even still fans? Have they moved on to something new? Have you moved on from their expectations? Even on RedBubble we sometimes experience surprising support for works we weren’t even going to add, or disappointing non-responses for things we are really proud of. Ahhhh….the many joys of being an artist.

So, it is with a great deal of happiness that i can report that within 24hours of making the SECRET HEALING MEDITATIONS cd available on ebay I have been absolutely SWAMPED with orders from around the globe.

Here’s what it looks like in real life:

So, to everyone who is contributing to this overwhelming response, i am touched, moved, and humbled by your support. It is because of you that i am able to continue the projects which eventually find their way back into your own lives.

It truly is a beautiful circle.

Humbly…. your biggest fan,
Tania Rose

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