PAX - An unexpected surprise

After several brief attempts, i finally decided to dedicate some time to search through the PAX mosaic to see if any of my works were in there. My aim….to find a piece of ME! Yes, because at that time it was all about me me me me…but something changed.

As the minutes ticked by, i became distracted by my fascination for the hundreds of images passing me by. Then, i would snap back into my world of me-ness, and get back to the task at hand, the endless search.

I soon realised that i this was indeed a very clever way of getting me to view hundreds, ney thousands of amazing images in an incredibly short period of time. I began to indulge in the wonder of so much talent, so much creativity…yes, this was a special place indeed. This wasn’t just a clever mosaic, but a whole universe of magnificence.

Time seemed to stand still, and i wasn’t aware that i had forgotten about me, about my selfish search for some kind of proof (pardon the pun). It was about the moment, that frozen moment which now enveloped me. It was a swirling gallery of reflections of life, in the physical world, and in the innermost realities.

LIKE A SLAP ACROSS THE FACE it hit me. I had suddenly arrived at one of my own images, SPIRIT ROUND. Wonderful, i thought. And then i realised that i had also been plucked out of that world, and had arrived back with a jolt to my conscious reality.

Now i’m left with the pride of my inclusion, and the shock of being violently stripped from a beautiful dream. How ironic…

Thanks RB for a very unexpected journey

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