Day of Hope

The following is from Day of Hope

*This year on August 19th we will be celebrating the second anniversary of To Write Their Names In The Sand. Christian’s legacy has to date honoured and remembered over 7500 young lives. This August 19th we invite you to join us by celebrating your own child as Christian’s legacy is not just about him but about all children gone too soon.

Every single day families all over the world leave a hospital with empty arms. Their hopes, dreams and plans for the future shattered by the death of their baby/ies. On Thursday August 19th 2010 we will be donating a memory box to the hospital that Christian was born in. It is our hope that the rest of the bereaved community will join us by donating a memory box of their own to the hospital their your choice in loving memory of their child/ren.

On August 19th we want hospitals from all over the world to be flooded with memory boxes. We encourage all people to take part in this special event regardless of whether they have lost a child or not. By doing this, together we break down the barriers of child loss being a taboo subject in society.

For ideas on what you could include in your memory box please click here.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in celebrating these special lives with us and we thank you for taking the time and energy to create some love and hope to a family who will have to leave the hospital without their baby/ies.*

Please conciser helping this wonderful project. You don’t what it means to those who have to walk away from a hospital empty handed. A simple little box, something they can hold and treasure to remember the baby they will never again hold.

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