Letter From Heaven

This letter is to my children we had to part our way,just read and try to imagine what I
have to say. Hush my little childrendo not weep for me now I am as a child who sits
on Jesus knee. I knew that he`d be waiting I knew it for 60 years and I endured alot
of pain and cried alot of tears. But heres theres no more saddness no more sorrow
only sunshine and forever tomorrows.You would have been so proud of me the day
that I got here a little angel came and whispered in my ear, Fern you are so special
your truly one of a kind and if I know Jesus he`ll have something special in mind.All
of a sudden all of heaven got quiet and I began to see a huge white light, the closer
it got the brighter it became and then I heard a voice calling out my name. As I went
forward I knew it was the King and suddenly all of heaven began to shout and sing
He led me down the streets of gold the joy I felt I couldn`t hold I danced like David
with all my might I couldn`t let Jesus out of my sight.I`m sorry I had to leave you but
glad I made it home,I taught you all about Jesus you`ll never walk alone.Now I know
everything theres nothing left to learn, just hold onto Jesus…Love Your Mom Fern.

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