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In mythology, Endymion was a shepherd (some version say he was a king or a hunter) blessed with a godly handsomeness which later proved to be a curse. One night, Selene, the moon goddess, caught sight of him sleeping on a mountain side as she rose up the sky. She was so captivated by his beauty that she came down from the sky to kiss him and lay besides him. She was jealous of anyone taking Endymion from her so she kissed him into eternal sleep. He never wakes up to see Selene. Motionless, he slept forever on the mountainside. Night after night, she visited him and covered him with kisses. But her sleeping lover brought her no happiness, only pain and many sighs.

The story of Endymion was written by Theocritus, a third century BC Greek poet. Many such poems and tales from many lands have been written about the moon. To the Greeks and Romans, the moon deity or personification is Diana or Selene, who wear wings and a crescent crown and rides a chariot pulled by horses.

To the Hindus, he is known as Chandra, who was born after her mother swallowed the moon. To the Chinese, Chang-o is the lunar goddess who was the wife of the famous archer to the gods had granted immortality. Chang-o stole her husband potion, drank it, and forced to escape his wrath by fleeing to the moon in the shape of a frog. Chang-o is represented in the dark spot of the moon as a three-legged frog.

To the Aztecs, she is known as Caotlicue, wife of the sun god. Sin is the name of the moon god worshipped by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Sumerians. The son of Enlil, the storm god, Sin is personified as a turbaned old man with a long beard and the color of moon god who is like a tintlapis lazuli (gemstone golden tint). Sin is also a god of wisdom who advises other gods. Throt is the principle lunar god of the Egyptians worshipped in the form of an ibis. Tsuki-Yomi is the Japanese Shinto moon god who is a time keeping god.

These are the few examples of the lunar deities of various cultures. Now, let’s dwell on how the moon is affecting us.

If enterprising businessmen have the midnight madness sale, nature has the moon madness which is the malevolent aspect of the moon. Opposing powers and traits are ascribed to the moon. If the moon can regulate life and stimulate growth, it can also destroy. In the ancient times, people accepted that the moons can bring about madness, seizures, suicides, and heinous crimes.

In its ruinous aspect, evil spirits and creatures of darkness rule and stalk the night according to the phases of the moon.

Law enforcers are in alert on full moon nights as it has been observed that the rate of homicides and suicides escalate on such nights. Arson is also said to increase. Crimes against persons get more brutal, and there are more hospital admissions.

A classic study made by psychologist Arnold Leber and Carolyn Sherin reviewed 4,000 homicides that occurred between 1956 and 1970 in Miami and Cleveland. They conclude that “Homicides in the Dade County showed a striking correlation to the lunar phase cycle. The actions were peaked at the full moon and new moon. Our results indicated that become more frequent with the increase in the moon’s gravitational force.”

One of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century, New York’s “Son of Sam” killed five of his eight victims on nights when the moon is full or new.

Lunacy, which means strange and abnormal behavior and even insanity, is derived from the Latin word, luna, or moon. Excerpts from the Old and New Testaments to modern researches attribute lunacy to the effects of the moon. The 16th century physician Paracelsus said that the moon has the “power to tear reason out of man’s head by depriving him of humor and cerebral virtues.”

What dark forces of the mind lead people to take their own lives? Although it is not the determining factor, the moon could be the last influence that triggers frustrated persons to put an end to their miseries by suicide. Studies of 1964 to 1987 in Buffalo, New York place more suicide occurring around a full moon than any other time. Out of 928 suicides in Cayahoga County, Ohio, 120 committed suicide on a new moon – 43% higher that other time of the year.

Moon Health
The earth and our body go directly against the moon on the 4th, 5th, 8t, 14th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29/30th of the moon days. At that time, the water levels in the sea and our body rises. On these days, many people in India are advised: (1) to observe complete fast (not even to drink water, if possible); (2) to eat only once; or (3) to eat only twice; or at least avoid eating vegetables (as they contain about 90% water), and thus control the water in the body, reducing the chance of having a cold.

People suffering from chronic cold or sinus trouble, or having allergy to cold should try to carry out as many as the above restrictions as possible. Moreover, in certain countries like United Kingdom and Japan, where having a cold is quite common throughout the year, many follow these restrictions on a national scale.

People who have kapha (a combination of earth and water) bodily constitutions and have asthma and epilepsy are likely to suffer more attacks during the full moon. Also, women have more menstrual cramps at this time.

In yoga, people who seek to control their senses, especially the precious fluid, observe fasting twice a month. This is called ekadasi which is done 11 days after the new moon. This is merely fasting from grains, and is particularly effective in controlling the passionate influence of the moon craze.

You can also observe that on a full moon day or a no moon day, the effect of the moon is most powerful. Since there is an aggravation of the water substance in its heat decreases; thereby increasing the air content. This air travels through the head and causes mental disturbances. This is an explanation of the link of the lunacy and the changes of the moon.

The sun is related to human consciousness or awareness while the moon is to the mind, creating changes in emotions and mental faculties. To calm the mind and stabilize human emotions and bodily water, wear a moonstone ring set in silver on the right finger to help overcome emotional stress during the new or full moon.

Gazing at the beautiful moon envelops us in its multifold mysteries. It will never fail to bewitch and awe people. The mutable moon holds the answer to many questions puzzling man. So, the next time certain experience beset you, look at the moon’s phase after all, it is one of the strong dominating force affecting us.


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