107 Person Composite!

Yes, that’s right!

This is why I have time to sit on Redbubble all day and make comments LOL. While stuff is merging, or adjusting, opening, etc, I have a few seconds each time. I love my job!

But this is what I’m trying to accomplish.

I shot a 60th birthday party a while back. I got shots of everyone as they came in and we wanted to do a family photo but there simply wasn’t time or space. So, after the fact, the client asked me if I could take everyone separate and put them in one photo. Sure! And it worked out great. We ended up doing 6 separate composite photos and they loved them. So much so that…. yep. All 107!

But while playing around, it is impossible to get it to look natural so I am now attempting a huge poster with the family composite in the middle and the other 40 pictures in frames around the family photo.

I’m working with a .psd file that is so far 219 MB so things take a little time to adjust. Should be around 500 MB when it’s finished. And they wanted it printed to 20 × 30 when it’s all done.

I will upload a copy when I’m finished, not all 500 MB of course LOL

But anyway, that’s what I’m doing this week. :)

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