Some of my favourites

I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, but I will try :)

Because there is just so much talent on here, I want to maybe share some of my favourites with other people as well. It’s such a huge community that I think it’s hard to see even a fraction of the talent that’s here.

So in my little entries here, I want to feature a couple of people on my watchlist every few days just to give other people a chance to see the work of someone they may not have seen yet.

I’d like to start with a couple of people I know from another community which will remain nameless but which has helped me grown, given me ideas and let me meet some really terrific people!

I’ll just do 3 today although there are countless others from the same place that I will add so please no one feel left out!

The first is Marianne –

This woman’s work is just so wonderful! The first thing that springs to mind is “wholesome”. It’s just so “good”. It always brings a smile to my face and makes you look at the world as a kinder place. Her love of photography is echoed in each piece of work and I know that I can choose any one of her pictures to look at and I’ll feel better. I look up to her talent and her positive way of capturing things.

The second is Christopher –

The guy has such a wonderful mix of specialties and does them all very well! He offers great advice and just seems to know things on instinct. His work offers such a variety, something for everyone, really! The technical aspects of his work are fantastic and his eye for a good photograph would be hard to beat!

The third is Krys –

This woman’s work has blown me away from the first time I saw it! She has the ability to take the simplest thing and turn it into a stunning work of art! The colour in her work is like chocolate for the eyes! Her passion for photographer is there, in every single shot!

Okay, that’s it for today. Just a couple for people to check out. If you’d like to add anyone, feel free, I’d love to check out more!

Have a great day!

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