First Entry

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first J.E. Im very nervous right now as i sit and wonder on what to write about. I stumbled across redbubble a few hours ago, and then decided to take the plunge to sign up and become an active member in this artistic community. Its great to be surrounded by so many tallented artists… gain inspiration and knowledge from other creative minds.
Ok, the nerves are calm and im getting excited. I want to jump straight into the gallery and have a better look at the work on offer.
So, where does my inspiration come from u may ask?? Mainly nature. I love trees, flowers, animals, the oceans and lakes. I have travelled alot around Australia in the past few years, and i have gained a great appreciation of this amazing country i call home. I have also been to 5 other countries, but nothing beats “down under”.
Peace for now…

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