Tainia Finlay

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I have always been involved in photography and have worked as a professional for twenty years, moving to Australia from the UK eleven...

Some news :D

Due to exciting things & commitments I have been on and off RB more times lately than a brides nightie!!!!!

I have tried to keep up with most of my watchlist and my apologies to those who’s work I missed! Sincere thanks to everyone who has kindly looked & left comments on my works.

A new competition will be launched very soon in our UK to Australia & Back Group, again apologies for my absence!

Delighted to share I have had three features in the last week! Two of those to the Canon DSLR Group, my FAVOURITE group cos ‘I luv me Canon’!! A huge honour, thank you!

And kind thanks to the Art by Redbubble Hosts for featuring ‘Reflections’

This weekend I have a wedding to shoot!. So looking forward to the whole experience. Also 10 of my portraits are in a local exhibition! I’m hoping to get some commisions!!

Blessings to all,

Tai xx

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