My Friend

My friend took me, to places far away…
Long forgotten strongholds,
where bold & gallant warriors once clashed with
seemingly indominitable foes.
Those adversaries who strove to break
the last bastions of hope, with intensions of
banishing every glimmer of light;
destruction their only cause.
How well those righteous nobles fought
to defend the crumbling structures
that had held them safe for so long; shielded
from the blight which soured & defiled
all that lay on the other side.
The prophecy had been well known; the time
when such a crusade would finally arrive
was near & certainly inevitable.

“Take my hand”, said my friend; “Come, let me show you
how the scars you wear came to be.”

The battle raged on, neither side gaining ground;
both suffering prodigiously.
The ferocity with which the invaders attacked
was matched equally by the stoic efforts of
the defenders.
The loss, the pain, the blinding agony
occupied every possible space, not even
the smallest niche left vacant of this burning torment.

Eyes screwed shut, my hand squeezed tighter
over my friends; holding on to the only
tangible piece of sanity I had left.
I cried out, “I can’t bear this any more, please take me back”
“Why have you brought me here? Are YOU not
my friend?”

“You must see, you must remember!” was the reply.

The clash of steel on bone rang out deafiningly;
the rending of souls emitting bestial wails
which pierced the strongest armour.
It seemed this would never end.

Nauseous & feeling sick to my very core;
I opened my eyes. Aeons passed within a blink.
These gruesome visions blurred, appearing as
one decedant mass of immorality.
A madness ensued which corrupted the
very fibres of all that remained.

I wept & wept for what felt like an age;
unable to wipe the visions I had observed
from my mind.
When the last racking sob had left my body,
with the salty taste of tears tracing my lips;
I opened a quivering mouth
& asked of my friend,
“Is it over, is this the end of it?”

…The silence lasted for an anxiously long time…

I had to have an answer;
was I alone? had I been abandoned in this greatest time of need?

Then that familiar voice; the voice that had given me strength
for so long now; spoke out.

“No my friend, this is not the end, it is but the very begining.”
“What you saw was the start of a different way. Only through this purging of the old can you truly embark on the journey
you need to follow.”
“You surrounded yourself with ignorant bliss,
pushed all the past to the very corners of your universe,
so painful it was to recall. But now you have felt it again.,
you are aware of the ordeals you once suffered to
arrive where you are now.”
“Take that knowledge & reconstruct the castle you had,
the peace you have always deserved.;
To deny all that was has prevented you from
reaching the destination you seek.”

Darkness, stillness once more prevails, but with it
also comes a distant light. So small & far away
but yet so impossible to ignore. A light so beautiful
that an entire lifetime spent following it
would bring pure delight.

A realisation suddenly presents itself;
This light would not be visible were it not for
the darkness which surrounds it. An incandesence
made more brilliant by the waves of shadow
upon which it floats.

Suprisingly, this new epiphany brings comfort;
makes the grief & anguish so much easier to endure.
What cleverly veiled artifice my friend has led me through.

I now see the wisdom which motivated this pilgrimage
of the past; the need to expose long buried anguish.
Only through aknowledging this former grief &
allowing it the presence to which it is entitled,
can healing take place. Only then can life continue,
happy & content.

Thank you my friend, I will not forget again;
neither myself, nor you.

My Friend


Melbourne, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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