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Long T-Shirt
Give A Man A Fish And He Eats For A Day Proverb Parody Long T-Shirt Front
+ 2 colors
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Give A Man A Fish And He Eats For A Day Proverb Parody
Designed by taiche
Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. A proverbial saying which suggests that the ability to work is of greater benefit than a one-off handout.. The Chinese proverb became used in Britain in the mid 19th century. Perfect for those who want to share a atheist or cynical message, skeptics, lovers of proverbs or those who have a dark humor theme in their lives and home. ABOUT THE ART ©‎ Original 6/20/2009 Vectoriozed ‎19 ‎October ‎2017, ‏‎08:30:50 Tracey Harrington-Simpson. Click the links to see all of my Redbubble "Skeleton Paintings,": "Funny Photography,": "Skeleton Greeting Cards,": "Skeleton Stickers,": "Skeleton Tees,": !!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,f.jpg!: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg!: !,60x60,075,t.jpg! !,60x60,075,t.jpg! *My Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain. All images are copyright © taiche. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited !,550x550,075,!

Long T-Shirt

  • Longer body length and scooped back hem
  • Long T-shirts feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
  • Plain color t-shirts are 100% Cotton. Charcoal Heather is 52% Cotton / 48% Polyester
  • 4.2 oz / 145 gsm mid-weight soft fabric
  • Ethically sourced



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by stefan on Jul 22, 2017

Redbubble's new format Long T-Shirt is exactly how I like the fabric falling around me, usually I order my shirts in larger sizes....If there were only more colours available, lots of colours. I'd love pink for example for mens/uni.

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