October 2008

October 6th – T-Shirt DayI am not a computer know-it all and I am thrilled that I have managed to create my first t-shirt design and upload it. The artwork “I’m All Ears” was one of my first to sell and I am very fond of the piece and the quirkiness of this cute cat. I have eight cats of my own and an occasional visitor…all lives deserve nine cats!
My artwork has progressed in style, subject and confidence faster than my ability to negotiate a PC. I thank the team at Redbubble for making the calendar upload so simple.
I think tomorrow will be a day with paintbrush in hand rather than staring at a screen and reading endless FAQs. Enough self-promotion for one day.
My new work ‘Close Shave” is well underway and I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.

October 12 – Words as ArtSo I thought, why not share.
My hubby has said so many kinds things to me in the form of poetry and prose it seems wasteful for others not to read his kind and loving words. Maybe he has written what someone really wants to say whether it be about love, sorrow or happiness.
I am so jelous of his ability to write, I cannot match him. Then again he’s colour blind and can’t paint ………we all have something to share.

Featured! 20 October 2008All Pets great and Small featured “My First Bone” in their profiled work. Amazed that this shot made the mark. Pleased is an understatement – thanks to those that made the decisions. You’ve made my day!
As I drag myself from the floor in shock from the first surprise Yellow Fever added my work “Goody Two Shoes” to their line up today – I was shocked to see the message. I am pleased that others’ appreciate my work as much as I appreciate putting brush to canvas. Woo for Yellow!
My confidence is rising……my need to paint is growing …..I need 48 hours a day to blog and upload so that I have time to be creative and share my new ideas.
Thankyou a thousand times over ….WOW!
My day gets better – third time lucky. My work after Dali has just (3.19pm) been included in the Living Christianity feature. I feel so appreciated and happy that my work is being enjoyed. Again Thank You for your support.
And if the above is not enough, I also have to thank a fourth group for recognising “Kurban Byram” into their steam. I appreciate everyone for creating this oppportunity for me to show my work. I feel very humble.
Now I am really getting embarassed – I have just caught sight that “Kibuuka Plays Flute” has also been shown …………..the real master here though is not me ……..I feel a fraud, this is my interpretation of his wonderful batik.
I now have to thank Islamic Beauty for featuring a second piece of my work within 48 hours – Istanbul. Again, this is my interpretation of the original but the real master is Toffoli, from whom I have learned about composition and playing with fore and background as one. I am truly appreciative that people think that my art and my homage to others is worthy of sharing. May my luck continue – inshallah!
There are more thanks to be given: this time to the moderator of Shoes who has just featured Goody Two Shoes. I love the flirty feel to this piece of work – it’s one that I particularly favour and it would appear that others’ do too – all for very different reasons. Thankyou to “shoes”.
It would appear that I am on a roll and whilst jumping for joy and holding dancing butterfies and bounding rotweillers in my stomach I feel a little embarassed also. Trixie has been featured in Wildlife and Pet Paintings 22 October. She is one of my favourite dog paintings, the picture was taken from a photograph but I knew the dog personally. Thank You for the feature. I have an angel watching me somewhere!
October is obviously my month! Escher and perspective Art have just featured Spring Flower. It’s Friday and I will be celebrating with a glass of my home-grown home-made plonk later this evening. I am astounded that yet another piece of work has been featured this month. Another big Thank You is in order for the administrators of this group. That being said I am off to paint ……….
Another BIG BIG Thank You is due. Domestic Cats have just featured the photograph Cat – Cetibeli. Again, I cannot believe that i have yet another feature: my 10th in 5 days…it somehow doesn’t seem right when I compare my art to the rest of the talent that is Redbubble! What can I say other than at sometime my bubble has got to burst!
Thank You administrators of Domestic Cats!
The roll continues – Blue Contour has been featured in the Mature Woman today (October 25th). If this level of featuring continues I fear my head will not fit hrough the door …..I hope that this does not burst nor does my bubble! Thankyou Thankyou
Blue Burlesque has just been featured in the Mature Woman Group: my second feature today from the administrators of this group. What can I say but a thousand Thank You’s. I am honoured that people find my work worthy to be featured, but twice in one day makes me feel very very humble. My roll of this week even more so. I am pleased that you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.
Mourning Glory has made a feature in That One Great Shot. So apt a group name as i will probably never ever in my ife recreate a shot like this. It was taken following light rain and was a pure chance photograph. I am not a photographer – just snap happy, but I am pleased that this has made the grade. Thank You for making me a feature!
30th October and my luck continues. What a surprise! Yellow Fever added my work “Goody Two Shoes” to their line up today – I was shocked to see the message; the second time this has been fatured this month. WoW!!!!! . I am SO pleased that others’ appreciate my work. Again, Woo for Yellow!

Crying as I write this, but a huge huge thankyou to “eli101” who is my first buyer. Thank You Eli for giving me the confidence to carry on …I have had over 2000 hits to my collection, several features (which I am still on a high about) but this has got to be the best. YOU have MADE my day. Thankyou a thousand times over!

Avatar Runner UpWhat a surreal month October has turned out to be. I have just learned that I was in the top 10 for the Avatar of the month in the “For Love of Jesus’ Group with my surrealistic painting of Christ on the Cross. It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts. I appreciate that people took the time to look and judge my work against others’ and give merit in accordingly. To be in a TOP 10 is good enough for me!

Congratulations for having been the ‘avatar’ artist for last week for ‘The Scots Are Coming’ group … with your image ’’St Andrews Day’’ an excellent image for any Scottish group!

Would you please look through the work uploaded to the group over the last week and choose one that you would like to see as the avatar image for the following week … would you also say in a few words why you chose it. Sorry to put pressure on you but could you choose one quite quickly … I really need it today or by tomorrow morning at the latest. So sorry my dear to ask you to do this in such a hurry.

What a priveledge!

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