What Happened In November 2008?

I am taking the time to look over my works as I have noticed that the dimensions of some pictures are not working well with cards. Page by page I am on a review…..this is going to take time. However i think it will be worth the end result.

For a start I am cleaning up my pages as they are getting very crowded with comments. I have decided to keep my comments on pages to a minimum.

4th November and MY FIRST TEE FEATURE in Living Christianity. WOOOOO!!!!!
Remember remember the 5th of November – Glorious Red is Featured in ‘All about Flowers’…………………..I’m doing catherine wheels ……….
7th November "Chloe” was featured in the group Tabby Time. Purrfect
8th November “Four Violet” was featured in the group Spring Blooms and
“Dulce Et Decorum Est …..: Wilfred Owen (and taiche)” was featured in the group Exceptional Ekphrasis
9th November “Star of Wonder” was featured in the group Prize Challenges!!
11th November and “Sunny Delight” was featured in All about your Best Work
14th November and “Neutral Nude” was featured in The Beauty of Body Parts
15th November and “Jesus-Light of the World” was featured in Escher and Perspective Art
17th of November and “Tree” was featured in Masterpieces – Literary.
20th November and Highland Fling was featured in Alternative Christmas Images
as were “Sunbathing” and “Glorious Red” in “That One Great Shot”. Three on one day and a double feature!
23rd November and “Frisky Mac” got her feature in Mature Woman.
24th November and “Frisky Mac” was featued again in “The Scots are Coming”
25th November and “Cover Girl” was featured in GOUBL
26th November and “Sunny Delight” was featured in Alphabet Soup and “View from the Balcony” was featured in Blue Room
27th November and “Frisky Mac” was featured in ***ARSE as was “Taiche’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross, After Dali 1951” in For The Love Of Jesus
28th November and “Neutral Nude” is featured in Feminine Intent.
29th November and Blue Strawberry is featured in ‘If it Doesn’t Belong’ and Mourning Glort is featured in ‘A True Purple’.

Best Bubbly Comments In Relation to My Paintings:
These are the comments that made me laugh or glow ……..

Eli 101
Hi Taiche!
I loved thisTshirt so much I have bought it as a gift for a friend overseas! Now all I need is one for me :) You are very talente
Oh Taiche, no need for tears; your work is lovely! It ws just what I was looking for but didn’t know until I saw it!

stevegrig wrote
you seriously have great artwork, striving for new heights now :)!!!

I also would like to make a special mention re both Taiche and Kumar who have worked hard to help me clarify the definition of Ekphrasis art = mainly
“Interpretations of art in differing styles” yeah?
Keep Happy! ☺
Chookas! ♥

Lui Grande wrote hi,
i love ur style!

olechka wrote
I like your use of color in the figure paintings. I think that the traditional works (paintings) are your strongest works. I particularly like your “Blue Contour” piece; it has both cool and warm colors, working together well, and the separation of colors by black lines adds an interesting touch, kind of a “paint-by-numbers” feel. Very nice portfolio :)

Karsten Stier wrote
you’ve got some great artwork. especially works like’ aqua babe’. you shouldn’t have any problem boosting your artistic profile with the artwork that you’ve got. I wish you every success in your career as an artist

Lee Wilde wrote
I’ve noticed some of your work you’ve submitted to the portrait group…and I see your painting “Raunchy and Risque” is getting a few votes in the Fiery Redheads challenge. Good luck with that, I think you might win that one.

Derek Shockey wrote
I enjoyed your bubble… voted for “RAUNCHY AND RISQUE” on a recent competition :) i like her very much, also “SUNNY DELIGHT” …. VERY NICE!

Al Bourassa says
This whole series is GREAT! You have a wonderful talent.

Lee Wilde wrote
Thank you for entering this portrait in our FIERY REDHEADS challenge and congratulations on being voted in the TOP TEN!!

Paul Vanzella said
so love what and how you paint… wonderful work!

whiterussian commented
I love this! Completely sensual with a teasing twist.

Kevin Skinner says
I think this is wonderful with a great sense of humour. Certainly will seen much of this during the upcoming hogmany! Great bit of artwork. Love it.

Carrie Glenn
Awesome painting….this is such a fantastic idea and perspective. Very sexy and original. Great job on this!

Robin Brown
Being a Scotsman I do like tartan & I have to admit I do like the female form too. I’d perhaps call this ‘a tart in kilt’ purely for the humour of the title. Quality art work Taiche!! xx

mobii says
Beautiful work. The changing color texture is a unique look.

coffeetea commented
this is magnificent!! love the easy and refreshing feel in this…susan

LorusMaver said
What a wonderful style ! & unusual as well. this is ART.

Carrie Gardner said
excellent…very MC Escher…how can i resist not liking it :)

Lee Grissett said
Outstanding creative work of art! Love your portfolio

KazM said
Gorgeously sensual. So well executed. Bravo!

Trevor Needham said
This is great. An instant fave!

Yianni Digaletos says
hahahaha! Taiche: DAAAARING! Love it! hahahaha. It is…. just like… jumping in really unexpectedly cold water. Shocked at first then enjoyment as your senses awaken..

Colin Cartwright said
Sensual indeed! What an invitation!
Excellent painting – Rubens would surely approve!

Kenny Gulley Jr. gasped
oh boy

Peter Evans
Absolutely beautiful and so is the rest of your work :-)

eyes widen niiiiiiiiiiiiiice ;)

love the suggestive play here

Butterflies An…
damn! i love your work!!!

oo la laaaa! Love it! Adding mystery is always the sexiest. :) You have such a knack for design! You’re an incredible artist!

Now I know what I want for Christmas…….

Congratulations! Your beautiful Christmas Tee “Not Fiction” has been voted into the TOP TEN in the Mornings & Evenings – Sunbeams & Storms Christmas Tee Challenge!

Rachel Stickney,
Congratulations on your Top Ten placement in the Christmas Touch challenge in Spring Blooms! Gorgeous color and I love the water drops!

And the mail messages that brought me joy:

Mardra with respect to the OWN IT tee:
I have marked this because I will be buying it!
It is also my mantra at work and with friends.
I am trying very hard in my place of business to help people
to take and show pride in their work.
I love it!

Susan Connors
Your one sale is one more than I’ve had, so congratulations!
Again, you’re welcome for any encouragement I gave you that helped you stay with RB. I know how it feels to be new and trying to figure out what the right things to do are and guess how people might react to one’s work. I honestly think your work shows alot of creativity and talent and a wonderfully bizarre understanding of titilation versus shock value! You and your work are unique and refreshing, so go for it.


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