Memoir Coming Soon

I found an author in America to write my memoir about my life before, during and after the time I was on the Russian Cruise Ship.…

The book will share a great deal about my life and will focus on the story about me and Sergey, the Russian Opera Singer I met on the Russian Cruise ship the Mikhail Lermontov.

We start work on the book next month.

The front and back cover artwork will be paintings from me and also I will be illustrating key scenes in the book.

I want everyone who sees and reads this story to feel every emotion I felt and go from the tragedy of my life to the immense joy I also experienced. I want to present my book in a very special and loving way so that everyone who sees it will feel that it is somehow a very special story.

Back cover synopsis idea. Something I can suggest t

My Russian TV Appearance

Ok friends…I know it was back in April 2013 that I shared my whole journey of finding my Russian past love, Sergey and my search for him that had me go to Russia.…

For those that did not get to read the original story it can be read by clicking here

The whole experience….it was so emotional, so daunting, so deep for me that it’s taken me a long time to sort through it all. This was one of the reasons I’ve been so quite. I’m still sorting through everything this journey meant to me and that time in my life.

I did get to spend a few hours with Sergey after the show. He told me a little about his life, his children and his estranged wife. He was beautiful, kind, he listened to everything I needed to tell him about all the things he did not know about me when I met him. He was stunned and deep

Need Help With a Painting Problem

I have a question. I have a problem I need to solve. I would like to be able to paint some oil paintings but I now have a problem that prevents me from doing so and that is….my gold paint highlights that are acrylic.…

First of all, the gold paint in oil is just dreadful compared to the acrylic ones I use so that’s not the answer. I need to find a way to be able to place my acrylic gold OVER the oil painting when finished. We all know you can’t put acrylic OVER oil, you can put it under but not over. So….the only thing I can think of is a way to have a barrier between the oil painting and the acrylic paint. One solution I thought of was to use a spray varnish over the oil painting when it’s dry to give me the required barrier. The gloss varnish I have is for oil and acrylic so that’s perfec



The TV Show in Russia contacted me and asked me to come to Russia so they can film my story about Sergey, how we met and the ship that sank, separating us for all these years. They said the photo they aired on live TV didn’t bring in enough information (basically) so they want me to come to Russia to film my story in the hope it will bring in more information.

Sergey, where ever you are, I want so much to see you again…..may God be with us!

Russian TV Airs My Photo

Well friends, it happened! The Russian Tv Show that helps find missing people from all over the world have aired my photo of my friend Sergey Rebin that I’m trying to find.

It was so surreal to see his face on a large screen in a TV studio….now we wait to see if anyone comes forward.

You can see the video, only 16 secs but long enough, on my Facebook page

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Alex Bartosh who works for this show. I am sure that without his continued contact and support I would never have gotten this far. He even talked to the shows producer personally about my case. After that, the photo was aired live on TV. He’s become a wonderful friend through a very emotional time for me.

And thank you to all my friends for your amazing support! It’s mean so very much to me.

How I Get My Sales

I thought I would share some of the ways in which I’ve been able to continue my sales on Ebay and outside of Ebay so that my art friends might take what they think might work for them and use my marketing techniques if it applies.…

Ebay is hard work. I paint daily whilst not always able to list daily due to work and family commitments, I do list as often as is possible, just about every second day and always of an evening when Australian collectors are sitting down chilling out on the puter. I follow a system used by another artist (Jack White) over a 12 months period where he was able to make a substantial income but it took all of those 12 months to build the collectors and clients. I bought his book which is small, easy to read and very affordable and shares how he made Ebay work for h

Russian TV Show Search for My Friend

I’ve got an update about my search for my Russian friend Sergey.…

If you read my previous post about the story behind how I met him and my emotions and feelings you would know how much it means to me that a search is taking place to help find him.

I got word from the TV Show in Russia that I contacted who search for missing loved ones that they are now going to post live his photo and information to see if they can get people to come forward who know him or maybe even Sergey himself might come forward.

This is a very nerve-wracking and anxious time for me. I’m a nervous wreck waiting on any news so please, if you don’t mind, say a prayer for me that I may find out what happened to someone who still means a great deal to me and who I would dearly love to know how his life has turned out.


The Ship That Sank My Dreams

I’ve got a story I really feel it’s time I share because it deserves to be told.…

When I was a young woman I was on a cruise. The ship was the Mikhail Lermontov, a beautiful and massive Russian cruise liner named after a famous Russian poet.

It was truly a cruise that I never expected would affect my life so deeply as it did nor cause me a pain I simply never dealt with because I didn’t know how. Much like most things in my past, the horror and grief of it all made me just push it away. That was until the Lord and His love taught me how to heal….and now….He wants me to heal this aching and deeply embedded old wound.

I was a young woman trapped in a world no one will ever believe. I was dealing with all kinds of abuses and loses in my life. My days were as black as the ravens that sought to

New Interactive Website

Dearest RB family. The time has come for me to spend less time here, something that has been increasingly happening. I have more and more work coming in and I’m working a 6 day a week permanant/part time job with the racehorses and painting every other hour I get. I’m exhausted at the end of every day but already I’ve been able to drop one day at the stables to get two days to get a little rest and some work done.…

So I decided it was time to launch an interactive website were friends, family and collectors can keep up with my work, my regular blog posts with WIP updates, commission updates and share in life and art together.

Anyone from RB is welcome to come join in and share with me in life and art here

I will keep posting work here available for prints and will try to interact from time

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