Resurrecting Sally

You think I’m crazy. I know you do. I heard you, they all said I was crazy, but I’m not crazy. Oh, no my friend, I’m not crazy. You’ll see. Ha! Ha! Ha! You’ll see.

I remember the way everyone talked when she got sick. It was so sad that the whole lot of you would talk behind her back. I saw you, I heard you. I know what was said. You said she would die! How could you say that? My God, have some respect! What did that poor girl ever do to you? And to talk about her, my woman, my soul mate like that. I shake my head at your disrespect and disloyalty.

I’ll tell you, I admit it, I did wonder at first. I wondered if I was crazy. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. But it hit me, it wasn’t me, it was you, all of you. You were just going to set back and let her die. You wouldn’t lift a finger to help her. You know what, I can’t talk to you anymore, I’ll be back.

Still awake I see. Oh, I’ve calmed down considerably now. But… but Goddamn it just looking at your face makes me angry! It makes me want to yell! Be uncivilized! Do you see what effect you have on others? You had that effect on her you know. She told me how you made her feel. She told me a lot of things. She told me how you tried to corrupt her. She told me about how you tried to have me put away. She said that you didn’t approve of my vision, my art, and my love.

Ah! That must be my dinner now. Oh, what, are you hungry as well? All in good time my friend; perhaps I’ll save you the scraps.

Oh, my, now that was delicious, was it not? Oh, yes, you don’t know, do you? Ha!

You know, I remember the day that you said she died. I must confess, I didn’t believe you, not then, not now. You’re just an untrustworthy person. You said she was dead and you all put her in that box; I remember I was there. I watched as you all pretended to cry over her, the way you made such a fuss about the dress she had on. Not the dress I bought her, but that raggedy old piece of scrap cotton. That’s what she wore. I had picked out a nice dress for her, one that she would have liked.

And I watched as you all lowered her into the ground, in that old box. I hated that box. I watched you toss in a small yellow rose. You know she hated yellow roses. She said they were an abomination to roses. I watched them cover that box with dirt, too. That part hurt. I remember you holding me back. Do you remember the bloody nose I gave you? Oh, how that thought makes me smile. I didn’t mean to hurt you, not at the time, but you just had it coming I suppose.

They shoved me out of the cemetery that day. You didn’t see that, you were too busy nursing your wound. They told me to leave, but I still watched, from behind that gnarled oak. You know the old one that we used to play in as children? Oh, yeah, that’s the one. Those were the days, huh? Climbin’ that tree without a care in the world; living like, well living like hippies I suppose. Goddamn it! You’re getting me off subject. Where was I? Oh, yes, I watched as you all filed out of the cemetery that day. You must have thought I was gone, to hang myself or to drown my sorrows at the pub. Well, you were wrong, you were all wrong!

It won’t be long now.

That night, after you fools buried my love, I came back. I brought a shovel and you know what? I dug her up. You know what I did with that old box, that oppressive tomb? I burned it that night. I set it ablaze and watched the fires lick the sky. Oh, I danced that night, too. I danced naked in the moonlight, in the firelight. I danced until the rains put the fire out. I would have danced far more, but then there was work to do.

I knew it would be hard, after what you all did to her. I couldn’t get a response. No pulse, no eye movement, not even a single breath. The bunch of you had convinced her that she was dead. I knew better. I worked hard and long. My formulas, my experiments, they all took time. And you know who was a brave soul? Jack, our dog, he gave up his own life just so that Sally could be with me again. He was such a good dog. I would rather it been you in his place, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. It almost makes me want to cry. I miss that dog.

But now, you are here! You will fulfill a purpose after all. You see, my formulas, my experiments, they worked. I brought Sally back from that awful place in which you all had put her spirit. She’s no longer afraid to come out. She’s so eager I even have to restrain her from time to time.

You hear that? That was Sally. She misses you.

Now hold still while I remove your gag and restraints. Oh, and I must warn you, don’t struggle too much, Sally doesn’t like it if you struggle. She just bites harder. You see, she’s still angry with you; as am I.

Be quiet! Quit crying, you’re only making this harder on yourself. Now, come along.

Sally’s hungry!

Copyright 2009 by Taft Sowder

Resurrecting Sally

Taft  Sowder

Somerset, United States

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Artist's Description

This just popped in my head one day and here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

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Copyright 2009 by Taft Sowder

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