Mili Wijeratne

Bull Creek, Australia

I’m an Australian photographer and videographer, currently engaged in wedding, fashion and event photography.


Hi all,

I thought it’s about time I wrote my first entry into this space. I’ve only been on Redbubble for about 2.5 weeks, and am delighted to see so many of your comments for alot of my photographs. I can’t tell you how humbling this is!

Thanks goes out to all that have either commented or favourited my works.

I would also like to thank Mahesh Jadu for recommending RedBubble about 1.5 years ago! Of course, I was too busy with my other work and did not want to start my own space until I was ready and committed to keep it continuously updated.

Once again, thank you all for vising my space, and I hope that my works continue to inspire you all, the way you have inspired me!

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