My Siberian Huskies Calender

My Siberian Huskies Calender is now available

After compiling my Canine Art calender, I decided to create a second of my own three dogs, Kira, Szary and Tazz. Enough folks gave me favourable comments on my three beauties, I thought they’d look nice bundled together in their own calender. Hope you agree.


Canine Art Calender

My Canine Art Calender is now available

I only just realised that I had sketched enough dogs to put together a complete calender of most of the dogs I sketched during the last 12 months. The cover was the trickiest, working in Photoshop I cut and moved around thumbnail pieces of each dog art, until I got something intriging emough (I hope) to attract folks to buy it.

Meeting up with another Redbubble Artist.

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a great pencil artist Leroy Phipps
Milton Keynes. He agreed to come up all the way from down south and we met up in a local Costa Coffee house in Newcastle. and for a couple of hours we were engrossed in pencil talk, the only way artist can! Leroy loves to travel and had never been to Newcastle, so for him it was enjoyable. It’s really great to meet up with an artist on Redbubble, to share views and stories of drawing and sketching. I enjoyed it more so as Leroy and I share a love for the same nedium, pencil. If you do get the chance to meet up with other artist’s I recommend you go for it. I’ve met a few RB members over the past few weeks and am pleased I took the first step to meet up with them.

Tutorial - drawing a Collie (Part 1)

I’m going to try a show you how I sketched my latest artwork “Collie”. The source photograph wasn’t the best in the world, but it was workable.…

Material used:
A2 Size slightly textured cartridge
paper 180gsm (Bought from Staples)
Pentel mechanical pencil 9mm 2B lead
Pentel mechanical pencil 7mm 2B lead
Pentel mechanical pencil 5mm 2H lead
Pentel mechanical pencil 3mm 4H lead
A kneadable eraser (I call a putty rubber)
Roll of masking tape
Scraps of paper
Copious amounts of tea (English Breakfast or Earl Grey)
A whole packet of digestive biscuits (not the really crumbly kind)
A radio or some kind of fangled audio device (MP3 player etc.)

OK, first things first, clear all the junk which is on the desk/table where you want to sketch, preferably in good light (in front of a window is ideal). S

Drawing a Face Tutorial - Part 5 (Mouth)

Welcome back class,
Hope your keeping up with this tutorial. Now we are ready for the mouth and lips.

MOUTH (hatching shadows)
Using a 7H I begin roughing out the shadows with a few strokes across the upper lip and under the lower, finally add a few hint strokes at each corner of the mouth.

Figure 005A (hatching shadows)

MOUTH (reinforcing shadows)
Now switching to a softer 2B, I reinforce the initial strokes, adding a few stich strokes on the edge of the lower lip. I also add a small hammock shade below the lower lip.

Figure 005B (reinforcing shadows)

MOUTH (adding body)
Still using the 2B, I strengthen the shadows and texture giving the lips more body, still rough strokes but stronger definition.

Figure 005C (adding body)

MOUTH (flow lines lower lip)
Switching to the 7H, I sketch out the low

Drawing a Face Tutorial - Part 4 (Nose)

Welcome back class,
Thank you for being patient with me, I do appreciate that. This step we are going to move onto the nose of our face sketch. A lot of people find this part of the face a nightmare, but I hope to show that with a few simple rules you’ll you should be able to overcome this.

NOSE (first hatching)
Using a 7H I begin roughing out with a few strokes the preliminary shadows of the nose. Basically forming two columns down either side of the nose, around the nostrils and along the base of the nose.

Figure 004A (first hatching)

NOSE (reinforcing hatching)
Now I simply go over the initial hatching using strokes in the opposite direction to the first and reinforce the first hatching.

Figure 004B (reinforcing hatching)

NOSE (defining shadows)
Now using a 2B, I define where the main shad

Drawing a Face Tutorial - Part 3 (Eyes)

Welcome back class.

I’m pleased to see you all bright and bushy tailed ready and waiting for your next lesson. Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been so busy lately, but never mind I’m back again. Yes Brenda, you are indeed wearing a very pretty dress. Lynda, nice to see you back too, enjoy your leave of absence? Good. Boys, boys! Please stop fidgeting! Today we are continuing our sketch of a face by concentrating on the eyes and brows.

EYES (darkening the iris)
The very first thing I do when I draw eyes (after roughing the basic outlines out – see lesson 002) is to fill in both irises. This is so simple (hmm there that’s word creeping in again!) using a 5B, 6B or even a 7B, I colour in both irises, and this time I’ve created a second hi-light, smaller than the original and slightly lower. I

Drawing a Face Tutorial - Part 2 (Hair)

Welcome back class.

Now I’m going to show you some of my shading techniques and how I apply texture and body using only a few pencils, an eraser and tons of patience!

HAIR (creating flow lines)
This is simply a lines that I sketch into the hair to show the direction the hair is flowing (or brushed) all hairstyles follow certain basic paths of directions. Adding these lines makes sure that your hair doesn’t look to unruly (unless of course that is the effect you are seeking) and aids you in filling in and shading in later on. Here in figure 002A I have begun to draw the flow lines, starting from the left hand side corner.

Figure 002A (planning the flow lines)

HAIR (creating flow lines – continued)
This hairstyle I’m sketching has a centre crown in the front radiating out up and to the sides

Drawing a Face Tutorial - Part 1 (Face outline)

Welcome to my insane attempt at an Art Tutorial, (cos I was nagged to do one – god knows why).

OK I’m going to sketch a face, I’ll be scanning every little stage of progression right up to the finished result, try and follow the same steps as I do. Try not to go to far ahead otherwise you’ll be giving yourselves arm aches from rubbing out!

One piece of A4 Zerox paper or
Photo Quality Inkjet paper
(or if you really rich and recently been paid an A4 piece of cartridge paper!)
A ruler (no not HRH Queen Elizabeth II)
Lead Pencils B, 2B, 4B, 5B, 9B, 5H, 10H, F
Eraser (better still a kneadable putty rubber if you can get your hands on one)
Cup of tea (Earl Grey, white with one sugar – make sure it stands for two minutes in the teapot first)

I always start off with a Ba

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait