Julia Syrykh

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I draw my simple pictures to share my feelings and inspire people. Love inspires me and gives the energy to create.


LDR Update: We've got married!

It’s unbelievable and amazing. After 2 years and 1 month of knowing each other me and my LDR Love became husband and wife.

And… we are still in long distance relationship! 2 days after our small nice ceremony my now husband had to fly back in Germany to work. And I am here, in Ukraine. But for a very important reason: to make my visa to Germany and reunite forever!

Believe. This is all I want to say to all the couples who are currently in long distance relationships. Belive, set a goal, achieve. As we do.


Quick LDR update

Just 35 days – and I will see my love again! I’ve already bought the tickets to a plane, and now I’m full of dreams about upcoming meeting (and my love too).

This time it will be an awesome one month together! More than ever, and totally like a real life together, not just a nice vacation.

We both are doing now our best to finally one day make our relationship “no more long distance”, but “together forever”.

Sending my hugs to all LDR people. Work as a team. Believe.

Two weeks together

LDR – it is when you wait, and wait, and wait. And dream, and make plans. And then you see each other again and understand: yes, all this waiting was worth of it. Me and my Love spent 2 beautiful weeks together at the beginning of April. It was our longest time together ever, and we both hope there will be even more.

Now we are at our hometowns again, and again – 2500 kilometers between us… But our love is much bigger, than distance. And we will do our best to make this distance dissappear one day.

And a new work that I dedicate to all the couples in long distance relationships: Love. Plane. LDR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/syrykh/works/3...

Love is everywhere

Hi guys! I can’t wait for april, because hopefully in april me and my love are goin to spend amazing two weeks together. And my today’s print is about love. About feeling it everywhere, as it actually is.

Link to this print: https://www.redbubble.com/people/syrykh/works/3...

If you are craving for love, for soulmate, for beautiful relationship, start from love to yourself, love yourself, love life. Use this affirmation: I am love, I feel love, I radiate love, I attract love.

Try it!

About miracles and plans

Hi guys! Just want to thank you for your support and share one of the recently ordered designs. When you choose my artwork it makes me so happy! Thank you! Let this phrase help you to get everything you wish!


I personally believe in miracles. They happen. For instance, unexpected vacation my Love received, so we can meet again earlier. It is so amazing! If you are in long distance relationship, and you cannot just meet whenever you want, you know how much it means.

So our next meeting will happen in 1,5 months, and I can’t wait to hug and kiss my love again! Sending my love and positive vibes to all LDR people. Believe in good!

We are made for each other

It’s been a month ago I wrote my last blog. What’s new? The greatest news are – me and my love spent together our first Christmas. And there were 3 amazing days together, full of love and tenderness.

Now I’m back home again, 2500 kilometers far away from my love. But I’m full of hopes to see him soon again.

And my new work is a quote by my LDR-love he sent to me. It was so heartmelting, so I decided to make it a print. I believe these words will resonate with someone else who is currently in a deep relationship, no matter, long distance or not.



2500 kilometers can't defeat my feelings to you, a book by Julia Syrykh and Bastian Winkels

Hello everyone! It happened! I and my love have written and published a book! The title is “2500 km can’t defeat my feelings to you”, and it shows the current distance between us. Subtitle says: Love story / Long Distance Relationships / Make it work / Tips for creative people. This book is about long distance relationship, based on our love story.…

2500 kilometers can’t defeat my feelings to you, by Julia Syrykh and Bastian Winkels

We are sharing our story, our experience and ideas how to make your LDR really work. Our record by now is more than a year of LDR (and counting).We had our good and bad moments, so I would say we have something to say :)

Also this book contains hand drawn illustrations made by me (and some of them are already available on Redubble)

You can buy the book here: h

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