Catherine Walker- Self Taught Artist

Born in the Top end of australia – Darwin, in the Northern territory then living in a town called “Batchelor” .. 60 miles south of Darwin for the first 7 years of my life .
I was lucky enough to have the “bush” as my playground as a child growing up .. bush lifestyle gave me a definite respect for the land ,it’s creatures /inhabitants and also gave me a real sense of curiousity for all things pertaining to nature and creation in general.
watching some indigenous artists painting on our lounge room wall as a youngster was really awe inspiring and I beleive this gave me my first insights into the magic of art! thankyou to those aboriginal men..and my father for asking them to do art on our walls!

I had a beautiful ,natural, free, bush lifestyle..even if it was only for a short time in my life..I do remember the sights the sounds and the smells of the australian tropical bushlands.. and those wonderful memories will stay with me forever.

I have lived in Dandenong Victoria Australia ..for the past 38 years and I paint on canvas, wood, ceramics , furniture.. anything that I can find.. anything that would hold some paint,
I’ve been in a small number of group exhibitions both in melbourne and sydney and have won some minor encouragement and honourable mention awards when I was in my 20’s
I rarely enter any competitions or exhibitions these days…it’s been difficult for me to paint at all these past 16 years due to some personal family traumas and stresses.
I have a very supportive family though where my art is concerned…they keep me in paints and canvas when times get tough.

I’ve had just one solo exhibition ,in a place called “The old cheese factory” in the 1990’s it was a public art gallery here in victoria which was a gorgeous old world looking building made of wood and stone.. all very enjoyable…maybe it didn’t give me the monetary gain that I needed and wanted but emotionally it was very exciting..and I was proud of my great efforts to get the exhibition together..The exhibition was a success in lots of ways .

I paint the visions/ideas in my head..they can come to me at any time .. I usually paint entirely from my imagination, and rarely paint in any other way , though occasionally, , I might go outside and try to paint what I see in the garden or try to paint a scene that has impressed me from a camping trip or a bush walk …nature is so wonderful and the only place where I find true peace in this strange world. .

I have many different styles of painting and use many different paints and techniques from pencil and ink to charcoal, oils and acrylics paint even..yes ,house paint is great !
my favourite paint is matisse or Atelier Acrylic ( when I can afford to buy them)because of their brilliant colours and quick drying time..enabling my thoughts or visions to be trapped on the canvas at lightening speed .I’ve been told that I have great originality and a diverse variation in style…cool ..and thankyou !

my work is my own…I don’t copy from other peoples works. I am 58 years old..and have been painting on and off for over 40 years ..My latest “batch” of paintings..and my newest “sessions” have revealed some interesting ideas around angelic beings , and some paintings of the earth and her natural beauty.

I have many Interests.. like reading, especially a certain book called “A course in miracles” which has helped and inspired me for more than 15 years now .. I also like to read and study about manifesting our desires at a quicker rate…sometimes it works..sometimes it doesn’t….ha ha!!!

I also love fossiking for shells and old bits of junk that people would think of as “mainly rubbish”.. I also like to " treasure hunt".. and loved to gold pan at “Eldorado” victoria in the beechworth area ..a great spot and beautiful environment to be at one with nature.

I am extremely interested in the UFO phenomenon.. for as long as I can remember and after seeing a strange light in the sky in 1993.. where 7 of us were watching the sky that night. we witnessed the strangest craft we ever saw.. this set the stage for an all consuming hobby…I watch the skies a lot these days.

I painted some UFO’s and alien type creatures after witnessing this strange light .
though in reality I have never seen any Aliens.. ( well maybe just one) I feel sure that I’ve met a few humans who could be straight from another planet..LOL !

I hope to make a living from what I do best..and that is painting ..but you know I think that an artists path is rather a hard road to travel..and sometimes the artist is not recognized as offering a valuable commodity to society.. and we are often thought of as either bad, mad or both !

I think this attitude is quite wrong ..and that Artists are pretty straight talking people ..they are well grounded for the most part and the most valuable contributers to “Life” In the world..we can be an Underrated lot and are looked upon as slightly strange in that we are usually quite sensitive about many things that others would not be sensitive about.. and we are all rather " intuitive" I think.. artists are mysterious, loving, curious and and sometimes rather eccentric compared to the rest of society..but artists are such a beautiful bunch of people ..well the ones I’ve met, and that’s quite a lot… are just fabulous!
I think we should pat ourselves on the back from time to time because we add so much interest and beauty to this world even if it often goes unrecognized.

thanks for listening to me ramble..but painting is the only thing that I do well in this I feel that I have a right to crow about that one achievement.

if you need to contact me via email about any of my paintings or pottery then my address is

regards from catherine walker

All works shown here at Red bubble by catherine walker are copyright © of the artist catherine walker
nothing is to to be printed , copied, downloaded ,uploaded or used in any way with out the artists permission
“All rights reserved "-thankyou for your understanding. .

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

September 2012 Juried Invitational Exhibition

Nominated for sojie
! asc=u&c=63972-painted-ladies.jpg!

Elena Oleniuc Fine Art Award
for Excellence in Composition and Colors
SoJie 19, September 2012

This painting called lady in a cave was nominated for the grand exhibition called " For the love of Art" here on red Bubble January 2014..a real thrill ..thankyou so much!

Lady in a cave
by catherine walker

Magicians of Still Life
June 2014 Invitational Exhibition

Still Life Paintings group
sponsored by Solo Exhibition

  • Joined: February 2008


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