Big Thanks to a really wonderful lady - and to YOU too !!

Just wanted to say ..A great big Thankyou to R/Bubbler and writer Kathi Book from canada..who has so Graciously ..made my year !

Kathi has been buying my paintings since I first set foot into Red Bubble here and It’s a thrill almost beyond compare..To think that someone loves my work so much that they keep buying it and hanging it in their house so they can see it all the just too good to beleive!!! I know that many years ago some friends would buy my work ..and all of my 4 sisters have been collecting my paintings for years now.. and pay me what they can ..but when a person from another country way across the other side of the world.. comes along and decides that this artsist from australia and humble dandenong of all places..LOL has paintings worth collecting !!! .. well it’s kind of like a dream come true..

Thankyou so much Kathi Book lovely lady that you are angel in disguise..who has just purchased my pair of small blue angels..Kathi has a very good eye.. and these angels will look great in her home..I think they’re little beauty’s myself..
I have already seen the “under the old pear tree at christmas”painting that I sent to Kathi and that she has had framed..and it looks spectacular ..what an honour !!!

I was so rapt to see it looking at it’s finest a gorgeous black frame.

and top off a very good year the resturant /pub called “Gods Kitchen” at mornington has decided to hang my paintings in their beautiful new establishment a lovely renovated church and my work just suits that place so much !!

.. ..and so now many more people will be viewing my work ..well this is just an amazing last two months of 2008..I’m hoping that all this good luck that I’ve had will spill over to 2009..I vever want the good times to stop…

It’s been a long , wearisome, very tough , hard and very painful last 15 years..but the light is shining now..and things are looking much better for this artist ..Thankyou so much
..thankyou Thankyou !!! to everyone and all the gods or God and all the angels out there who might have played a part in this wonderful good fortune.

.Kathi Book have made me very very happy and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me..and I’m so pleased that you like my paintings ..that means a lot to me.
my good fortune was… well.. long overdue I think
but It’s’s here..and I’m so happy to shout it out!! …hhha!!!!
may god bring you miracles kathi book..!! and showers of blessings!
for all your kindness to me.

Also.. I Just wanted to say a great big Thanks to all of YOU R/bubble artists and writers are an amazing group of wonderful people ..and I love everyone I have met in here so far..Have a beautiful and happy christmas!..and may the light be with you too!!


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