Shout it from the rooftops..!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!

I just had to come in and say another Huge Thankyou..

THANKYOU ..THANKYOU.. THANKYOU ..from the bottom of my heart..
to a truly wonderful lady whos name is Kathi Book from canada
Kathi has just bought..wait for it.. for the SECOND TIME another of my Paintings
..I’m both shocked and Honoured and completely amazed that someone would find my work so Interesting and so Good that they want to Own One for themselves.. and now 2 paintings have gone all the way to canada..!!! wow!!

It’s more than an honour.. when I really think about it..
It feels like something so good is finally happening in my life.
After many years of unbearable stress for this family and after the major traumas that life has tested me with ….I thought the bad times would never end..but the sun is now shining again.. and

whoooooo!!! catch some of this love that I’m feeling right now..

catch it!!!

I have to shout from the rooftops that Kathi book is the most wonderful lady to have entered my life at this time of my life

when I thought that the trials would never end..she’s the light at the end of the tunnel
I have always had people saying that they enjoy and like my work..and my 4 beautiful sister have always recognized the fact that I needed to continue to they would buy some of my work and keep me well stocked in paints and canvas..
They knew that painting is the thing that I do best in this world and the only talent that I have that has any meaning.. so I thank them sincerely.. along with kathi book

but when someone like Kathi ..comes along ..and she’s not even a relative..and she also falls in love with my work like my sisters have.. but then she actually buys my paintings ..
well what to say..
except my luck has definitely changed for the better..

God Bless Kathi Book..I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me..It’s more than a thrill..I feel extremely Blessed..I’m hoping that the Gods are going to give you the comfort and miracles that you need also !!

much love from cathy walker


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