Thanks Kathibook..thankyou ..thankyou.. thankyou.. !!!

I’m feeling happy, proud, over the moon- and very worthy this month !

A Great big thank you to Kathi book a fellow Red Bubbler here
who was kind enough to commission a painting from me recently..
and has just received it safely…my painting went all the way to beautiful Canada.
that’s a wow for me..!!!

She just loved the painting so much ..and sent me an amazing letter of thanks..she writes like a poet and her letter was so full of love for the painting and so full of wonderful words of love for me…
I was on the verge of tears.. really I !!
All the stress and worry I went through.. thinking I might not be able to do this commisiion..
..was for nothing the end result was very very pleasing..

I now have one painting in the USA and One painting in canada..whooooo!!!
I feel that my work is slowely very slowely..getting out to the world.
If I can’t go to the world..then the world will come to me.

I’ve painted for 35 years and I’ve never seen so much interest in my art that I’ve seen’s a really great feeling …to know that people actually want to Buy my work.I have to stop and thank my 4 beautiful sisters who have always encouraged me..and have collected my art for years now..they have kept me in paints and canvas..and my wonderful husband who gives me the run of this old mill when I feel the urge to create another painting…he puts up with such a lot .

I have the strange feeling that we artists are tested by’s sort of like if you don’t give up on what you love to do best..and if you just keep painting no matter what else happens in your life(and a lot of real trauma has happened in mine)..then one day ..God rewards you for your determination and your perseverence ..I kept painting under many adverse conditions ..sometimes it was very difficult to pick up a brush..I wanted to throw everything against the wall many times….!!!

I guess I had to keep going because it was the only thing that made any sense and it somehow grounded me and kept me from going completely insane.
Painting has been my saviour.

I am so grateful to Kathi..who decided that she wanted one of my
paintings for herself..a special painting for a very special lady.
And if anyone else wants to purchase one of my paintings.
.you now have Kathibook from canada who can witness that the painting arrived safely and was just as beautiful ..if not more so that what you see on the screen here at red bubble.
I don’t think I put too high a price on my fact I have been advised by a few people in here to put my prices UP…hhha!! that is just great news to me..!!

christmas is coming ..and I think I need to sell another work..or 2
to get through this coming season and the long holiday period .

All my Love and appreciation to the red bubblers who have commented on my work in such a great and beautiful
way ..and who have given me such encouragement to continue.
I appreciate it so’s not easy to stay in the creative mode sometimes when it feels like things are falling down around you.

much love to Kathi..who to me..was sent by God to buy a painting from me
she was meant to have she says was destiny..!!
Thankyou ..thankyou ..thankyou !!!
I can’t express my thanks enough .

does anyone else want to make me happy now….hhhhha!!!!!
you had better get in before my prices increase..
one day my paintings will be totally unaffordable..heee!!!
just a bit of dreaming and hopeful prophecy there.

with love from

cathy walker

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