Picasa2, sellect the image you wish to work on? Go to effects > filtered B & W > click on the colour box ( move the mouse over the colours and see how it affects your black and white work? Pick the effect by clicking on the colour once. and then ok.

For the exersise and comparision I have sellected Snowdrops!

Click on Tint! This sometimes boosts the contrast, not always? and click ok if you are happy with it? Otherwise cancel.

Graduated tint! I love to use this sometimes to darken my whole picture by dragging it all the way down covering my picture. Slide the feather right back so there is no feather effect, and move the other slider up and down to get the desired result you are looking for and then ok, or cancel?

Now to get a lovely warm cepia feel, don’t chose cepia? Sellect Warmify instead! Then sellect the Saturation and move the slider down for a subtle effect and ok!

Finally sharpen before saving it as your final work in save as!

Another lovely tip, which I love to use for effect is Soft Focus! Slide the size slider almost up to the right and the amount slider almost down to the left for a jentle effect!

Here is the finnished cepia effect of the Snowdrops

Another way of controlling the contrast of your work is to go to Tuning! There are plenty of sliders to help you to put some life back into your lovely work!

Hope this was of some help?

And anyone who is interested in Picasa? It is free to download by google!

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