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Old People and the Wheel of Fortune

Yes we know they all love the wheel of fortune. A great story about an evening when I was with Great Gramma watching A Wheel of Fortune, a little lifestyle humor to make you smile. Part of series from a book I have written about her life.

Wheel of Fortune Night

This is our Tuesday evening we share together as I visit weekly while Gramma’s daughter goes to socialize at weight watchers. Gramma loves to have visitors, a good companion to share current events of the world or just local gossip. We also catch up on the latest family news along with the happenings in Great Falls, Montana.
As we enjoy our couple of hours together Wheel of Fortune comes on and it is a regular show we watch while I visit. We had been out for our evening walk and checked to be sure all the neighbors were on their P’s and Q’s. Discussed the lazy fellow in the corner house who can’t seem to find time to mow his lawn much less trim the bushes. These bushes are on the corner where the two streets meet. If turning this corner should a little old lady be walking; if not careful she may be run over. Of course eventually someone says something to let him know it just isn’t safe for children at play. Of course our concern at present isn’t the children it is the little old lady who loves her walk.
When we return home we sit on the porch making mention of the flowers blooming as Gramma loves her flower garden. I get the broom and do my weekly sweeping of the ramp, porch and sidewalk. As I am sweeping I have to listen to my lecture how this sweeping isn’t good for me. Of course I am the one with the bad back not Gramma for sure. Over and over she says don’t do that, don’t sweep so fast and hard it isn’t good for you. You will hurt your back again. Gramma is the most limber older lady I have ever known, who our age these days can bend straight over and tie their shoes? She is almost 94 years old and she can.
Okay a little history there for you and we are now off to Gramma’s room. The television is on and here comes “Wheel of Fortune”. I am not sure why the elderly love this show however they do. Next of course here comes “that lady” as Gramma calls her. I am no television buff but I think it is Vanna White. Gramma just gets a kick out of the outfits she wears. She says: why does she let them make her wear these awful, unattractive outfits?” They have got to be uncomfortable. Well as she walks back and forth I say this is somewhat of a snug gown she has on tonight isn’t it Gramma? She makes another comment about those horrible shoes and how in the hang can she walk? Oh my gosh, as she turns again Gramma notices something. This is a cream color evening gown type dress, floor length with a brownish diagnal stripe pattern on it. When we see the rear view Gramma blurts out “look that dress is going up her butt”. I immediately look as this wasn’t something I had noticed.
Gramma is thinking out loud to let me know she doesn’t think this outfit is fit for television viewing. Oh Gosh, she says I just can’t believe this. Well she was so sure of what she was seeing and at first glance when brought to my attention I thought the same. I never had the heart to say Gramma that is the brownish diagnal stripe giving us the appearance of the dress creeping where it shouldn’t be. I felt I better keep my mouth shut and leave well enough alone.
Of course when I left the house thirty minutes later the episode continued to go through my head, along with that look of awe on her face. I think I laughed so hard driving home my eyes were watering.
So this is just yet another of the small tales that comes from spending a little quality, memorable evening with this wonderful elderly lady. I love her dearly she is such a hoot! These are times I will carry with me for my lifetime. If the opportunity is there my advice is take advantage of spending time with your elders. You will enjoy yourself and we all can only imagine how much it lights up their hearts and what it means to them.

by Leta Davenport

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