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Grandma was quiet the lady in her 90’s I wrote a book about her life coming to the US from Russia and then small inserts about our week end outings she loved so much. Here is one about those darn dentures. Read and enjoy.

Those dentures

As you know we go out every other Saturday so there are lots of tales to share which come from these outings as well as stories of what has transpired during our trips. This Saturday we have again made the trip to Shoney’s of course this isn’t her favorite Shoney’s due to not having the old timers that the one by the uniform shop has. All the same Gramma enjoys every minute of her dining out.
We have just finished and the conversation of the day was the frustration she is having with her teeth, well maybe lack of teeth at the moment. Gramma has full dentures on the top however has only a partial on the bottom as she has managed to keep some of her bottom teeth. Now at her age this is most unusual. Unfortunately the last few teeth she has holding in her partial are giving her a hard time. So we are now at the stage in her life where she will have to have a lower denture plate. This isn’t something she takes lightly too in any way shape or form.
As we are leaving the parking lot she was saying how she will be glad to be able to eat what she wants be it hard or soft food. She still had the partial in until the dentures could be fitted. The partial didn’t seem to want to stay exactly where it should be and although there was no way she could choke on it or have it slip down her throat it was most uncomfortable. She was expressing this frustration and as I glanced over to her I looked her in the eyes and said in an ironical manner, “Gramma are ya drooling? Poor thing do I need to wipe your chin?” She gave me the most hilarious look and said “honey do you have a tissue for your old Grandmaw to wipe her chin?” Honestly she wasn’t drooling but just the thought of being old and having drool come from her mouth wasn’t something she ever wanted to have to deal with.
Since this trip out she has been fitted and should be getting her new dentures soon. By the time we make our next Saturday dinning trip after visiting the salon she will be able to munch on all the food she wants and any desert choice she so chooses!

by Leta Davenport

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