Martinsville, United States

I grew up in NW Arkansas, in the Ozarks. I was a transplanted Floridian till February 2014 when we moved to Virginia. I love everything...

Things are slower in Florida

Well I think it is because of all the sunshine (this is the sunshine state after all), but things just seem to go slower here. People are in no hurry (unless they are on the interstate lol) to do anything. It makes me lazy too.
For two days I have planned to go out with my camera and get some early morning shots and have not made it either time. I did get out this afternoon and got a few cloud shots, checked out my garden (hello its florida still growing veggies here) and noticed my zucchini is getting ready to burst into bloom it has atleast 10 buds on it! My bush beans are blooming, and the new tomato plants are finally starting to perk up.
So here I am in the Lazy state, oops I mean the sunshine state, doing nothing.

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