My new journal started today,10/17/07.and on - on.


Dear Journal;
I’m new to this webplace called redbubble and computer too. I have so much in my mind beside my heart that it’sn’t funny. I will like that someday my dream come to reality of me being an author and my daughter have her dream come too her ideas come reality too. I love written its my passions and desires sometime I lov e it more than life but that is silly ‘cause writing its part of me, it’s part of my life. I ‘m getting older with times like everyone is, I hope my dreams come to reality before my existence is nomore ’cause noone lives forever but GODand that the fact. I will always write till my existence its no more, I pray when is my turn I hope I’m 101 of age like george burn was. I hope I had spell his name right. wow this year is almost finish, soon the new year will come and I will get older once again. I missing my mom so much,the new year come 2008 will be 6 years my mom is gone, I can’t believe she is gone and hard to accept it but I don’t have no chocie ’cause death is part of life and that a fact. I can write more today but is getting late and I need to sleep, so goodnight journal till tomorrow.

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