Hi am sue
I started to write poems in 2002.
I am lucky to have had 4 poems published .
I had the chance to have all my poems published but money was the problem it cost to much to publish.

My mum passed away in October 2002 and I found it a way to get my feelings out . So now if am sad or happy its the way I express myself is in my writting .I have a page on facebook called poems from the heart I have a few ppl who help me run my page and we like to read other ppls poems posted on the wall.

If there is anything you want to know about me inbox me here or in face book

I am proud of everything I write as it expresses my feelings in the best way every thing I write is from my heart.

Like everyone else I have had sad times and happy times had to deal with death and writing helped me deal with it .
Am not saying it has cured me but I still have days when I want to curl up and cry all day .

I have a wonderful man in my life took me awhile before I found him but it was worth it we are to be married in may 2011.
I have 3 wonderful kids and I am also a mother to two angel babies that we sadly lost in 2010 never got the chance to see them but they are close in our hearts now and forever .

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In my eyes

Live life to the full / Life is to short
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