Calandars for sale

Hi good folk of redbubbleland reading this journal entry.

Just wanted to advertise my calanders because you can’t submit them to the groups so this is the only exposure they’ll get. I hope you like them and better still, buy some for yourselves or as a gift or spread the word…could do with the extra cash at Christmas lol!

here’s the first one

and here’s the second one

You can’t preview them on this page but if you go to my profile page you can flick through the pages and take a look inside.

Thanks for taking the time to read and view my new calanders



Thanks to whoever purchased ‘Cathedral’ as a greeting card.
If it’s a redbubble member – let me know who you are – very flattered and glad that you liked it so much!


A Part

Tiny paws, pink nose, bright eyes shining.
Head resting on a step on the landing.
Tiny little meows, purring, tentatively exploring

Your first hour with us in your new home.

Tiny bowls of milk mixed with water
Looking for you, wondering where you were
A safe haven behind the books on the bookshelf

Your first sleeping place in your new home.

Chewed tassles off the new satin cushions
Playfully pouncing at us on the bed, we hid beneath the covers.
A little bundle curled up beside us at night.

Your favourite place to sleep as you began to grow.

Climbing the Budlea tree, getting stuck and scared
Shiva climbed the fence, I reached into the tree
We brought you back down to safety

Your first climbing adventures in your garden.

Prowling through blades of grass chasing butterflies
Playing and boxing with

Does E always = MC Squared?

Well here are a few thoughts that might challenge the belief that true science, consciousness is all about tangible reality that can be proven by formulae…..

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can
experience is the sensation of the mystical.
It is the dower of all true science.
He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder
And stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.
To know what is inpenetrable to us really exists,
Manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty
Which our faculties can comprehend – only in their most primitive forms
This knowledge, this feeling, is at the centre of true religiousness.

These words were written by Albert Einstein

Challenge Winner

The winner is Mui-Ling Teh with the following entry – which I must say, I think is really clever and definitely spells a challenge!!



More Maltese Land, Sea and City Scapes

Elephant’s Trunk


Valletta City Steps

Sliema Waterfront

Bastions, Mdina

Mdina, Citadel

Spinola Bay

The Fernandez

Coloured Doors

Mdina, street


Farmers’ Fields

Comino Island

Prickly Pears

Land and Sea

Tales of The Silent City


City Street Valletta

Balluta Bay, Dusk

Snow Ball - A True Story

Ok, so we’re having a bit of a snowy time here in the UK, and there has been quite a ‘hoo ha’ about the whole thing. Radio stations reporting about low grit levels,meaning that roads may be slippery and not safe to drive on – alarm bells! Hey this is the UK why haven’t we got enough grit to cover the roads when it snows huh?News headlines warning us of impending ‘severe hazardous weather’, daily briefings from local councils, etc ad infinitum…more alarm bells going off!
For many, this has meant some delays getting to work, for others not getting there at all. Some trainline services came to a halt and buses were off the roads in London on Monday.
For most children of course, this meant schools were closed, snowmen building, snow fights, days off etc…..a ball in short!
Personally, I find the …

A Stream's Tributary

A Stream moving outwards, connecting, expanding creating synergy giving taking reciprocation.
Sharing of the Self with the Self, then is its counterpoint, the balancing factor, like complimentary musical notes in a song.
Like charity, love begins at home, within our inner temple.
Vulnerability often seen as weakness, yet presents the doorway to our spirit, our soul. Within, buried and discovered treasures, maps; past, present and future.
As each contains its opposite, vulnerability holds strength, sorrow holds happiness, questions hold answers…the key, subtle yet present awaits.
The personal connecting journey in motion awakens, stirs bringing truth; its compliment, the sharing with another, a treasure.


A turning point, appears unsuspectingly, in the middle of life’s journeys; a lesson maybe a simple sign of acknowledgement, we touch someone or have been touched, the unfolding of this shared experience.
Something clicks, inside us, inside the other, letting us know we are contributing, and connected, adding meaning and telling us that our lives really matter.
Feeding more than our brain and ego, feeding our heart and soul.
A subtle yet strong energy stirs us, a sense of wellbeing, nourishing and energizing our spirit, our self-esteem. Shared, reciprocation doubles the experience; the beauty of synergy unfolds.
Sensations and feelings combine forming a magical synchonicity, we go with the flow, instead of paddling upstream.
This stream, this gentle moving force – reveals our spiritual conn…

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