Snow Ball - A True Story

Ok, so we’re having a bit of a snowy time here in the UK, and there has been quite a ‘hoo ha’ about the whole thing. Radio stations reporting about low grit levels,meaning that roads may be slippery and not safe to drive on – alarm bells! Hey this is the UK why haven’t we got enough grit to cover the roads when it snows huh?News headlines warning us of impending ‘severe hazardous weather’, daily briefings from local councils, etc ad infinitum…more alarm bells going off!
For many, this has meant some delays getting to work, for others not getting there at all. Some trainline services came to a halt and buses were off the roads in London on Monday.
For most children of course, this meant schools were closed, snowmen building, snow fights, days off etc…..a ball in short!
Personally, I find the softness of the snow beautiful and soothing, especially as it gently thuds on my ceiling windows. It’s also very pretty to see red Robins hopping about in the snow and having a good time of it too! The Squirrels in the local trees were not deterred by the snow and yesterday afternoon a group of them seemed to be having a little ‘tree party’ outside my office window – they were really gorgeous!

Now…here’s a story – they claim to be true, which I heard on the local radio station while driving to work this morning.
As you can imagine, snow covered motorways and local streets do create a degree of delay and some danger. Ok, so, a 33 year old woman, pregnant with her first child and 11 days overdue, decided to drive on a local motorwar yesterday morning, here in Cambridgeshire.
Traffic was banking up, she was stuck in the same spot for quite some time. and, if that’s not bad enough, her waters broke!
She attempted to contact local emergency services, and apparently they could not get through to her on the motorway. She went into labour and began to give birth in her car, in the snow on the motorway.
Eventually, several teams of ambulances, fire engines (no idea why ??) and police cars arrived and were able to transport her to the nearest hospital.
This woman did give birth to a little baby girl and both were well and safe.

Now…here’s the best part…guess what her surname is? (and they swore black and blue on the radio that this is true)……

You won’t believe this……Her surname is Snowball !!! I kid you not!
I’m still trying to figure out whether it is a double barrell name or what?? !!! But, they did claim it is completely true.

A real snow baby – through and through.

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